Congratulations on your new novel Lectroject device. Lectroject is a powerful drug delivery system that works and will indeed rid you of viral DNA.

Remember no viral DNA = no Disease = Cured

To explain how your machine works, it is useful for you to have some understanding of the process.

There are 3 stages in the process:

  • 1) When the machine is plugged in and attached to your wrists or spine, an electrical circuit has been established.
  • 2) Once the electrical circuit is complete, a ionic stream is established
  • 3) Once the stream of ions is complete, certain particles are released from the module, these particles travel along the stream of ions and pick up atoms of the preloaded medication under the electrode and inject them (transdermally) through the skin and into the infected body's cells, where the particle interferes with the DNA of any virus present in the cell, thus preventing the multiplication of the virus and so stopping the disease, which is then later eliminated from the body in the normal way (by metabolism).

With Lectroject, atoms of medication follow an ionic stream through the body independently of blood flow and is able to reach any cell anywhere. (see mode of action near the bottom)

There is medication used with the device, it enters the body via two electrodes.

The cream is placed on the electrodes, the electrodes are applied to the inner wrists or in the case of herpes at the top and bottom of the spine to treat the entire body.

The electrodes are not applied to the lesion itself as it would be impractical. With herpes-I it will be odd to sit with an electrode on your lip, herpes-II doesn't bear to think about!

Viral DNA is found throughout the body but is more concentrated in CSF therefore in order to enhance the effect of treatment we now advise our patients to place one electrode on the lower lumber spine slightly off centre (at the level of the navel) and the other electrode as high on the cervical spine as possible (just below the hairline) also slightly off centre rather than on the wrists. (see picture below)

PlacementSpine Placement


The reason for the electrodes being placed alongside the spine is that the cervical, dorsal and lumber neural ganglia are located there and are sites where the virus hides, so the centre of the pads should be roughly over these areas.

You needn't worry about exact placement as the ionic flow will be from one point to another and across all the ganglia. It doesn't make any difference which pad is placed at the top - the ionic flow will continue anyway.

Cold Sores PositionBehind the ear placement

Cold Sore Position:

The positioning of the pads for Oral Herpes (HSV-1 cold sores) is one electrode behind/below (left or right) the ear and the other one on your spine on your neck ± 8 inches away. The reason for this is the virus hides in the nerves behind the ear. Learn more here: (Opens new window)

Wrist to Wrist PlacementWrist to Wrist Placement


For the treatment of CMV and Coxsackie viruses place the pads on your inner wrists.

  • 1) Place the medication, about half the size of a pea on the center of two applicator Pads. (See picture left)
  • 2) then place the applicator pads (electrodes) onto each inner wrist or at the top and bottom of the spine in the case of herpes. (see pictures above)
  • 3) After doing this, clip the applicator cables to the applicator pads. (see picture above)
  • 4) And then, switch on (a red light will now indicate that the machine is on).

Your treatment has now begun.

After about 30 minutes your first treatment is done, now do the following:
  • 1) Switch off the machine.
  • 2) Unclip the applicator leads from the applicators (electrodes) on your wrists or spine.
  • 3) Finally, remove the electrodes from your wrists or spine.

Repeat the above treatment procedure every 24 hours, over 10 to 15 treatments.

Congratulations you did it!

The usual course is a half hour session daily for 10 to 15 treatments after which the virus should be eradicated.

The number of treatments mentioned in our reports represents the average number of treatment done to the volunteers - some patients need more treatments than others. i.e. The number of treatments varies from person to person - all of us are different physiologically from each other. 10 treatments was more than sufficient for some patients other needed more time.

However you may use the treatment as often and as long as you like, the system is designed so that it is impossible to overdose in fact it is preferable to over treat rather than under treat. The device will deliver the optimal dose of medication automatically, there are no adjustments needed.

Acyclovir cream is what is used in conjunction with the Lectroject device. It enters the body via two electrodes. The cream is placed on the electrodes. The electrodes are applied to the inner wrists or in the case of herpes at the top and bottom of the spine to treat the entire body.

Acyclovir is sent into the cells, on the way it is phosphorylated by an enzyme called thymidine kinase, it is the converted to acyclovir diphosphate, following this, it is further phosphorylated by another enzyme - guanylate kinase and it enters the cell as acyclovir triphosphate. This chemical interferes with the viral DNA to prevent replication (spreading). In theory this removes the virus (it neutralizes the virus and destroys it).

The stream ions travel along the nerves, through the apertures in the spine column and into the CSF - The ions carry atoms of medication to travel into deeper cells of the intestines. The ions follow the steam from one electrode to the other through nerve tissue, muscle tissue or mucosal surfaces. The same way as electricity would.