Publication and Newspaper Clips on Lectroject

Local Doctor's Invention to Treat Previously "Untreatable" Viruses

  • By: Medical publication
  • Date: July 25, 1996
  • Medical Journal:
New herpes treatment

Medical Publication

A Johannesburg doctor has invented a machine that has the potential to revolutionize treatment of certain viral infections and in an entirely non-invasive manner.

The Lynndale-Adler system, also known as Lectroject has two main components. The one develops a magnetic field around the patient. The second, which gives off alpha particle that passes through one of two electrodes, underneath which is a layer of acyclovir. The acyclovir is carried through the skin one atom at a time directly into the infected cells, where it arrests viral replication. Thereafter the body can eliminate the virus in the normal way.

Inventor Dr. Keith Maxwell says, “We’ve seen success rates of 85% in the treatment of herpes 1 and 2, above 85% in cytomegalovirus and above 95% in a number of the coxsackie B viruses. We’ve tested the device on more than 300 patients with consistently positive results that have been backed up by findings of Independent Laboratories, which tested subjects before and after treatment.”

He emphasizes that a particular strength of this treatment is that the acyclovir is conveyed straight to the cells, bypassing the bloodstream. “In the case of oral treatments, what isn’t destroyed by the gastric juices is metabolized by the liver and continues to circulate in the blood.

However, herpes, cytomegalovirus and the coxsackie viruses are not present in blood in their latent stages, so oral medication is unlikely to be effective. The tablets can also be very expensive. With Lectroject, a tube of acyclovir, which costs ZAR90, can be used to treat approximately 20 patients. So not only is it a superior treatment – it’s also cost- effective.”

The next step will be to publish these findings in a clinical paper in a medical journal. “Once they’re generally known and accepted, the Merck manual will have to be rewritten where, next to herpes and cytomegalovirus, it says “Therapy – none”.”

Future directionsThe device is very compact and Dr Keith says there is a possibility of later versions being smaller still. It started out as a much larger machine, however, and in its current form represents six years of ongoing refinement. Dr Keith notes that to date, the device’s success has been in treating DNA viruses, but he also wants to start looking at its application in RNA viruses, notably HIV.

“This will take many more years of testing and research. The treatment of RNA viruses is very different from that of DNA viruses. It’s very important when treating RNA viruses not to destroy the cell. I foresee initially taking a cocktail of current HIV treatments. We’ll put that through the system as we currently do with the acyclovir and see what happens.&# 8221;

He concludes be noting that there is nothing remotely comparable with Lectroject anywhere in the world. “Recent reports from the USA suggest that they’re only now at the stage we were at six years ago when it comes to transdermal drug delivery without patches.”

The needless Wonder of a Benoni doctor

  • By: Werner Swart
  • Date: July 25, 2003
  • Newspaper Clip: Boksburg Advertiser
New herpes treatment

A local doctor has invented a new machine that can already treat various diseases — and the possibilities are endless. DR Keith , of Putfontein, has been working on the Lyndale-Adler Transcutaneous Induction Unit, called the Lectroject in short, since 1997 and says the results have been amazing. He has tested the machine on more than 300 people, treating the Coxsackie B virus, which is related to polio, as well as severe headaches and yuppie flu, with success.

These results were also proven by Independent Laboratories. He has successfully tested the machine against the Cytomegalo-virus, which is also known to be a cause of meningitis. The reporter even underwent a session to cure his sinusitis problem, and results were amazing — the sinus problem was solved. This test (on the sinus) was the first time we attacked a bacteria and it was amazing that it worked so quickly,” Dr Keith said.

Dr Keith claims he achieved an 85% success rate with herpes and a 95% response to the Coxsackie and CMV viruses. He even mentioned the possibility of trying the machine on HIV/AIDS patients.

"The possibilities are endless, there is nothing similar to this on the market". he said.

The needless Wonder of a Benoni doctor

  • By: Marianty Kypuros
  • Date: June 9, 2000
  • Newspaper clip: BENONI CITY TIMES
New herpes treatment

For those who want to pass out at the mere mention of a needle, relief might be on the way. Benoni’s Dr Keith claims to have invented the needleless injection.

Known for his unconventional approach and walking off the beaten track his ideas, Dr Keith showed the City Times his latest creation.

Patient Ralf Paul was brought in with severe symptoms of Sydney flu and a throbbing headache. Dr Keith was going to administer the medication for his ailments in a very new way...with the needless injection. He was made to lie far back in a chair and liquid tetracaine was dropped into his nose and electrodes (round plaster adhesives) were attached to either wrist joined together by a wire which was activated with 225 milliamps. The result was the electrical current breaking up the molecules of medicinal ointment applied to the electrode. The molecules were sent through to the subcutancous layer of body fat where it would then be utilized by the body as necessary. Paul’s headache vanished within minutes with the needless injection being administered over 15 minutes.

NO NEEDLES, NO RISK of disease NO WASTE! Dr Keith said the concept was already at a manufacturer and believed his invention was on par with the conventional method.

“The medicine can be administered as effectively in an emergency. The only problem is in dental requirements. Moist in the mouth”. “People should try new ideas. Conventional techniques can always be improved. Technology means change.” he said.

Doctor assails HIV

  • Date: Friday 17, January 2003
  • Newspaper clip: The Citizen
New hsv treatment

AN EAST Rand doctor who has successfully conducted research into treatment that kills off a number of viruses is hoping to fight the HIV virus next.

Dr Keith , a biophysicist, began research last September when he asked HIV-positive volunteers to participate in his programme. Tests from an independent laboratory have shown that the HIV patients suffering from herpes and the coxsackie virus were effectively cured after undergoing the treatment.

“The treatment of herpes with anti-virals has thus far not been very successful. The virus hides in parts of the nervous system and is not accessible by blood-borne drugs. But I have found that these anti-virals, if shot through the body in steams of atoms, go strait to cells in the nervous system and interfere with the virus so that it cant replicate.

The patients in this programme were positive before the treatment and negative afterwards.” Dr Keith said. This system has destroyed six viruses of the coxsackie group and two viruses in the herpes group. These diseases were virtually incurable.

News Flash

During January/February 2005 a patient suffering from HIV/Aids was treated over a period of 10 days. During this time his viral load was reduced from 170,000 particles to 92,000 particles.

This does not imply that Lectroject can cure Aids as large-scale trials will have to be carried out, however it shows a commitment to continuing research by the inventors. Once again we stress that the above result was seen in ONE individual and that no claims are made concerning Aids.