Lectroject Questions Most Frequently Asked

A: Lectroject is an iontophoretic drug delivery system that takes existing medication into the cell where it does its work by interfering with the DNA of the virus to prevent it from replicating and spreading. (In theory it quarantines the virus)

A: That is a great question and we appreciate your interest. Lectroject.com has been in the business of ridding patients of DNA viruses like Herpes I and II, CMV and Coxsackie B group of viruses for several years (as a matter of fact since 1996).

Lectroject.com was founded in 2004 with the sole purpose of marketing our novel product internationally at affordable prices and with an unparalleled level of customer service. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our site offers you peace of mind in a number of different ways: Our Privacy Policy is available at the bottom of any page of our site. The Privacy Policy will outline what information we collect and how we use it. Furthermore, we have a policy of 100 % customer satisfaction.

After all what Would We Gain From NOT Providing A Legitimate Product? If we failed to live up to our promises, word of mouth would spread like wildfire and we would gain nothing but bad publicity. Legitimate companies survive by being honest and treating their patients and/or clients with respect and fairness.

A: The best time to begin treatment is in the early itching tingling stage. The acyclovir attacks the DNA of the virus, If the virus is present acyclovir will affect it. With or without outbreak it will still help destroy the virus.

It's better not to wait for an outbreak as, at that time your immune system is depressed and the virus is at it's most potent. The earlier in the disease process that treatment begins, the more effective are the results.

You don't have to have the blisters present, treatment during outbreaks is to shorten the attack but treatment between attacks could help to abort the attack. The Lectroject device is designed to reduce outbreaks and hopefully, destroys the virus.

A: It is impossible to know how many people have used, or are currently using the device. In 2001 300 people were tested, since then thousands of devices have been sold to private individuals, doctors, physiotherapists, aromatherapists etc. These people have all been treating their patients with the unit so the number who have been treated cant be estimated but must run into huge numbers.

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A: Using other products along with Lectroject is no problem as there's no interaction. The Lectroject device will carry the medication into the cell regardless of oral medication, in fact the two methods enhance the effect of medication. So the answer is..... it is not necessary to stop oral medication as the combined effect can be helpful.

A: There are a number of ways of taking medication.

(1) Apply Acyclovir cream to the sore: This is the least effective method; trials have shown that cream works only on the surface of the skin, viruses deeper in the tissue are not affected. In fact a simple solution of Savlon and salt is better.

(2) Take Acyclovir Pills (tablets): The tablet is swallowed, a large percentage of the active ingredient is destroyed by gastric acids, what is left enters the blood stream and circulates through the liver which metabolizes (destroys) the acyclovir while damaging the liver to some extent.

(3) Hypodermic or intravenous injection: More effective than tablets, with this method, medication does not go through the stomach and intestines so the digestive juices are not a problem. Injected medication goes directly into the bloodstream. The problem with injected drugs is that they still circulate through the liver and are destroyed there.

(4) Lectroject: Lectroject picks up the acyclovir and carries it in a stream of ions directly through the Skin into the body so that, instead of circulating through the bloodstream, it goes directly into the cells where it interferes with the virus.This means:- Rapid action. Deep penetration. Low dosages which mean NO toxicity.

A: There is medication used with the electro-cure device, it enters the body via two electrodes. The cream is placed on the electrodes, the electrodes are applied to the inner wrists or in the case of herpes at the top and bottom of the spine to treat the entire body.

Electrodes are not applied to the lesion itself as it would be impractical... With HSV-I it'll be odd to sit with an electrode on your lip. HSV-II doesn't bear to think about!

A: The usual course is a half hour session daily for 10 to 15 treatments after which the virus should be eradicated. The number of treatments mentioned in our reports represent the average number of treatments done to the volunteers - - some patients need more treatments than others.

The number of treatments varies from person to person - all of us are different physiologically from each other. Ten treatments was more than sufficient for some patients others needed more time.

However you may use the treatment as often and as long as you like, the electro-cure system is designed so that it is impossible to overdose in-fact it is preferable to over-treat rather than under-treat. The device will deliver the optimal dose of medication automatically, there are no adjustments needed.

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