I want to try the Lectroject herpes treatment one more time.

I have bought the lectroject herpes treatment machine and have tried it twice now it hasn’t worked for me. I wanted to try it one more time could you please advise me how to try this correctly

My hospital offers an intravenous infusion therapy with highly concentrated human antibodies (IgG) in a total dosage of 10000 human donors.

I suggest that you go back onto the treatment. First, replace the 3 x AA batteries as they should have gone down by now. Then buy a tube of Denavir (Penciclovir) cold sore cream from your nearest pharmacy. Do 10 to 15 half hour treatments. This should do the job.

The treatment infusion therapy above could be very helpful. A strong immune system usually helps. So don't stop the treatment if you are on it. Lectroject will flush out the virus from hiding and then the antibodies will kill it off.

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  • By: Monika
  • Date: January 27, 2015
  • Categories: Herpes treatment
  • Comments: 4

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